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I studied Interior Design in New York City.  Since then, I design kitchens using computer aided design programs, that specialize in kitchen and bathroom design. My Tell-All e-book about 'How to Design Your Kitchen Like a Professional.' can help you plan your kitchen renovation with total confidence. 


My career as a kitchen and bath designer started because of the giant home improvement retailers that made it possible for everyone to create their own dream kitchen and baths. It was these giant home improvement retailers that started the home improvement revolution.


Kitchen Design programs have developed their graphics to the point that your kitchen design looks like a photograph.  

I can create the plan view, the elevations and a (3) Dimensional photo-realistic snapshot of what your dream kitchen will look like. The great thing about first creating drawings before you start building is that you can change your mind. Building mistakes can be costly.

These plans will be your ideas for your dream kitchen, so that you can see it and love it, before you buy it.

If you are thinking of getting started with your own dream kitchen design today, Add your e-mail address below and I will send 

directions how to measure your kitchen.

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