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Interview with a Kitchen Designer

Updated: Mar 1, 2020


Another key incentive for utilizing the expertise of a kitchen designer is their design talent is specific to kitchens. After you select the kitchen designer that feels right for you the first step is

to take site measurements to create plans. Plans are necessary to determine not only where certain cabinets are laid out, but the size and number of cabinets to estimate the cost. These plans can and should also be used for permits. Some kitchen cabinet companies will usually charge a fee for this service and the fee varies.

Usually Kitchen cabinet companies will deduct that charge when you place the order for the cabinets with that company.

Most kitchen cabinet businesses are equipped with computer aided design programs that can generate floor plans, elevations of each wall space and even perspective views of your finished kitchen. Depending on the program the computer can show the door style you’ve selected the finish of wood on the cabinets, crown moldings and colors of the countertops. This will give you the benefit of seeing a finished drawing of how your kitchen will look when it’s completed. A 3-D program can display an actual “walk through” for you on the computer.

The kitchen designer will design the plans based on the information you tell them. Remember, it is your dream kitchen. I listed below some questions I ask my clients when I design their kitchen.

Tell your designer you prefer to have the sink base centered at the window when you work at the sink or you might want a deep double basin Farm sink. Perhaps the children do their homework at the kitchen table, or when friends visit they love to chat while sitting at the overhang kitchen counter-top as you prepare a meal. Your passion may be cooking, so you need a professional series range and a powerful exhaust hood. Then the question arises, how will you vent it out or can you use a re-circulating exhaust? You may love to bake and need a special surface unique to baking. It may be that during the big holidays everyone always gathers at your house to eat, so you will need that double oven. When the kids make popcorn in the microwave, it will need to be reachable by them. If your town or city requires you to recycle, a double waste bin is needed for paper, glass and plastic. These are only a few of the questions that your kitchen designer needs to know to design your unique kitchen.

Your existing kitchen cabinet layout may not have to change in this renovation project if you feel the old layout works just fine. More often than not there is a need to revise the cabinet layout to expand your kitchen or just to make it function more efficiently. Planning the work areas is ~~KEY~~ so plan well and your kitchen will be your joy for a long time.

Constructing a layout is deciding where you want your waste pull-out. Do you want an overhang counter-top on the Island or peninsula to seat 3-4 people. Determine where the new appliances make the most sense. Should you buy the counter depth refrigerator even though it is more expensive? Do you like the "slide-in" stove that looks real sleek without the big backsplash with all the controls on it? This way you can add a super tile backsplash. Many details and many decisions. This article helps you put it all together.

The standard depth for upper cabinets is 12” deep and the base cabinets are usually 24” deep, Keep this in mind when you are planning your layout. The inside of the cabinets are something to consider now. A pot & pan insert will keep you organized and roll-out shelves will be a blessing. Consider the insides and use the space wisely. Corner cabinets get lazy Susan's or blind cabinet pull-outs. These extras will make life easier, but can be an add-on later. Well,

More to come so stay tuned...

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