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DIY or Hire A Professional

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Why Hire A Professional?

From the concept to completion, the initial inspiration to the completed installation, an Interior kitchen designer can guide you throughout the entire project. The fact that they know people and where to buy everything that I listed in the previous blog, Defining Your Space" is very valuable to your bottom line.

I use a computer aided design program that will allow my customer to get a visual digital reproduction of what the kitchen will look like when completed. You will need a plan view, (layout) with the measurements for the cabinet maker and the cabinet installer. Your plan will indicate the layout of cabinets. For example, the location of the sink base with the plumbing, the location of appliances for electric hook-ups. and plumbing/electric symbols needed for permits by your local municipalities. There really is no need to hire an Architect to do your kitchen layout for permits, because your kitchen designer can supply the plans you need.

An Architect will charge around $1000. and up for their plans. An interior designer working on a CAD program will charge $300 and up for a plumbing and electrical plan used for the specific purpose of getting the required permits for your project.

The initial meeting can happen when you go to a kitchen and bath showroom. Here, you can interview them to see if they are able to design the kitchen as you envision it. The kitchen designer needs to tell you how they work and to examine what you want in the kitchen, for there are countless decisions to be made. Seek out a designer who can help you articulate what you want, not what they think you should have.

It’s a good thing to let them offer their sources and suggest solutions to your questions. Your personalized choices will follow. This step helps the kitchen designer tailor your vision specifically to your needs and transform them into reality.

With the right kitchen designer you will have an expert escort who will help guard you from any unnecessary mistakes and will see you through the transformation of your space. If an unforeseen situation pops up the Interior kitchen designer will act as an experienced problem solver, one who is able to give you tried and true advice. Everything must be coordinated together from the cabinets to the flooring to the backsplash to the appliances. The designer will help you create a palette that works together. It is all in the details and their are many in the kitchen. No Worries though,

Your kitchen designer can put the package of materials and labor costs together for you.

When the budget is a consideration and it often is, you can work together to fine tune the costs of the project. Keep the budget within your comfortable range and remember: a good rule of thumb is to allow at least ten percent above the budget for unforeseen possibilities. Changes can be likely; but major changes can be costly. That's why it is to your benefit to take the time to plan the perfect kitchen instead of the trial and error method. This is the primary reason to hire a Interior kitchen designer; they can save you from making mistakes, that equals, headaches, time and money.

Also the designer can create a finished rendering on the CAD program that will help you visualize the kitchen.

If you want to make a revision now is the time. I have learned, first design it, love it, then build it.

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