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Why do people choose white kitchen cabinets?

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

People love white kitchens. In all the years of designing and renovating kitchens I have ordered more white kitchens than any other color. Turns out I have ordered close to 80% white kitchens and 20% were other colors. It doesn't matter to my customers what finish it is made of paint, acrylic or laminate, just as long as it is white. I was curious about what my customers had to say, so I took a survey. Their answer is this; that white looks so clean and brightens up the space, because the heart of the home should look timeless. White doesn't go out of style like some wood tones will with time. Also, people believe the most used room in the home looks cleanest when white cabinets are displayed. I have completed thousand of kitchens and I would agree, I love a white kitchen!

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