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The Kitchen Designer

It has been my pleasure to witness the evolution of the kitchen and bath design industry since it began in the early eighties. Before that time beautiful kitchens and elegant bathrooms were just for the rich and famous. It has always surprised me that people would not think twice about spending $20,000 on a new car that will depreciated in value as soon as you drive it out of the showroom. On the other hand a $20,000 newly installed kitchen with new Stainless steel appliances will increase your homes value considerably. I decided to add as content my entire e-book to help the homeowner understand the process that they can follow.

Today, kitchens are more affordable and everyone wants a new kitchen and bathroom to compliment their lifestyle. This niche market developed over time and has grown today into a billion dollar industry!

My career as a kitchen and bath designer started ten years before the giant home improvement retailers made it possible for the DIY Do It Yourselfer’s to create their own dream kitchen and baths. It was these giant home improvement retailers that started the home improvement revolution.

The kitchen renovation business is a phenomenal way to earn a living. It is a creative venture and with the renovation of the entire kitchen added to the project, there are large returns... It is a fun business, but it is the type of work, where the details are so numerous for the Do It Yourself homeowner or novice kitchen designer, I wrote this guide.

It is fun, but not for the faint hearted, because designing and renovating kitchens is not an exact science. It’s a creative process and things can change as the kitchen is being built, so remain flexible and don't sweat the small things...

The design and planning process includes many stages with an attention to details. Planning and designing the space, selection and purchase of materials, scheduling the orders to be delivered to the jobsite on time is an ambitious challenge. Whether you act as the General Contractor or you have to hire one, the coordination of materials and the hired skilled trades to renovate, includes more than just installing the kitchen cabinets. Renovation and upgrading of the old flooring, countertops, lighting, plumbing fixtures, is a major part of the project.

There are so many choices that have to be made your head will spin…

My E-book is easy to read and follow. Everything you need to know is here, so you can create a fabulous kitchen in your home or create a beautiful kitchen for others. I hope the home owner can benefit from the information found in this e-book as well as the aspiring novice kitchen designer who is dreaming about designing kitchens for a living.

Whatever your goal is, you may find this book helpful as you design your own new kitchen, up-date your old one or help others do the same. More to follow…

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