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Overview of Kitchen Renovation

Part 2

This book will give you instruction, insight and hopefully save you money from making costly mistakes in the process. More than that, I guarantee it will save your sanity for those of you who use it to take charge of this somewhat stressful situation...

From the start you should consider shopping for the best prices. This is your ticket to get the kitchen you want for the price you can afford. I hope by following this rule of thumb it will help you achieve the kitchen you envisioned. Shop online before you drive all over town looking for the best price. If you can't get the best price locally then discounts you find online may help. Try the big box stores. You may be surprised to find that even 'Coscos' sells Countertop Quartz to their loyal card holders. I have priced out jobs competing with Coscos and they win hands down every time, this can save some money.

It helps if you look at the kitchen renovation as an evolutionary process, because from the beginning to the end it can take weeks to complete and can also change along the way...

So it is best to prepare yourself, your family, and your pets. I always inform customers what to expect so they don't get mad at me for the contractor not showing up at the time he specified.

What happens if your kid's school requires that you use your kitchen for a science project? Then I suggest you put your renovation off until the summer, when school is out. The renovation can wait until you and your family is ready for this disruption in your life.

I want to leave a note about contractors for sanity sake, because this is my customer's pet peeve. Most contractors like electricians and plumbers that work with your kitchen renovation group should be licensed and insured. They are either working for that contractor as an independent contractor or they work solely for the Kitchen company you selected. When they are independent contractors and have their own business they take multiple jobs. This means they may get hung up at your job longer than they thought and then are late for the next appointment. This makes many customers unhappy. I always give a window like 2-5 (like furniture companies delivering furniture) of when the contractor

can arrive. It takes some pressure off all concerned.

Your vision, and the way you want to live with a beautiful kitchen is about to become a reality. Our design tastes became more refined as the market for new kitchen products and appliances grow to meet the demand. Know the market trends for cabinets, flooring, appliances, lighting, plumbing and countertops because they are changing again. Look though magazines, online and ask your friends about their renovation. In today’s market the Kitchen and Bath design industry is an art in itself. Kitchen Design is as important as selecting the right furniture for the interior of your home. Enjoy the process so the outcome is exactly what you imagine, Your Dream Kitchen

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