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Easy Storage Ideas

Updated: May 25

Finding more storage and keeping them organized is the hardest thing in kitchen cabinets. How can we lose the covers to the pots and pans? I got tired of the mess so I found a source that I like to share. The cabinet accessories are easy to adjust even if I installed the cabinets years before. Adding this feature enhances the kitchens efficiency, adds storage and customers ease of use. The shelf can come with a soft close option. It is do it yourself friendly to install. The mounting brackets just get screwed in. They can either be side mounted or bottom mounted.

As a designer, specifically of kitchens, I have seen the transformation of kitchen cabinets to suit our customer's needs and wants. The customer is the one who creates the desire and need to get better storage inside their kitchen cabinets.

The cabinet companies answered the call. My Favorite is the double waste pull-out.

We need the cabinets to remain organized and want more storage. I can store on the back of the base door of my sink base cabinet, my cutting boards. I can store in roll out shelves in my sink base my cleaning products. I can store on my door all those grocery bags. Of course we use them, but where do we keep them? We just stuff them somewhere and we say we'll use them. Now I have a place that I can store them and easily find them.

The other storage roll-out shelf unit my customers enjoy is a roll out shelf for the bar area bottles. Today the bar unit is very common when you plan a kitchen. In the day our parents called it the liquor cabinet. Remember those days?

When I design a modern kitchen, I sometimes use full HT doors in the base cabinets. Inside that cabinet the manufacturer adds just one shelf. I can add three rollout shelves, fully adjustable, that give me plenty of storage for glasses, napkins and tall bottles for my bar. I use deep drawer pullouts that my customer's love.

As a kitchen designer we use fillers. Sometimes fillers are necessary but sometimes they're just a mistake. When they are necessary, I can utilize that space as a pullout for spices. I can use a base filler for can storage instead of wasting the space. There are so many ways to utilize the space in your kitchen cabinets that you can increase your storage and also organize the space. I have many of this space saving storage units coming soon on my website.

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